The Envy Corps is an indie rock band from Ames, IA. Comprised of 4 members: Luke Pettipoole (vocals/bass), Brandon Darner (guitar), Micah Natera (synthesizer/guitar), and Scott Yoshimura (drums).

However, it wasn’t an easy road for the guys along the way. Formed in October 2001 by Luke Pettipoole, and originally included members Derek Powers on drums, Peter Bovenmyer on bass, and David Yoshimura on guitar. In 2003, the original rhythm section departed and were replaced by temporary members, while Yoshimura assumed drumming duties. This lineup proved short lived, and Powers and Bovenmyer eventually resumed their original posts, helping Pettipoole and Yoshimura place finishing touches on the band’s debut album. In late 2004, after the release of Soviet Reunion, the band was divided again. Yoshimura’s brother Scott took position behind the drumkit and former To My Surprise frontman Brandon Darner was conscripted as the new lead guitarist.
They spent 2005 working feverishly on the first fruits of the new lineup. I Will Write You Love Letters If You Tell Me To EP was self-released in April of 2006. The album brought more attention to the band and even an extended stay on the CMJ Top 200 chart, as well as an opening slot for The Killers on their fall US tour. Based on the success of the EP, the band signed with the Mercury Records imprint Vertigo. In March 2007, the Story Problem EP was released on iTunes and double 7″ in the UK, culling four tracks from Love Letters and serving as a teaser for the upcoming album. The band spent several months in 2007 working on their major label debut, Dwell, at a studio tucked away in the remote farmland of their home state, choosing then to mix the record in the London borough of Brixton. Than at the end of 2007, bassist David Yoshimura left the band and moved to Japan.
Dwell was eventually released in the UK on April 28, 2008, and digitally in the US on July 8, 2008. The band ended their relationship with Vertigo Records in late 2008, and soon thereafter added live guitarist/keyboardist Micah Natera as a permanent member. In February and March 2009, the band recorded material for a new EP entitled Kid Gloves, which was released June 9 and included the single Screen Test. In June 2010, the band began pre-production on their proper follow up. Sessions with Omaha engineer A. J. Mogis at ARC Studios resulted in a full length entitled It Culls You, which features new songs such as Make It Stop, Ms. Hospital Corners, Fools and Give It All Up.
The Envy Corps will be here in Cedar Falls, IA on January 12 at The Hub: http://thehublivemusic.com/shows.htm
To check out more on The Envy Corps visit their site: http://theenvycorps.com/ or follow them on twitter: @theenvycorps
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