Here at Osky we try not to overload ourselves with work all the time so from time to time we like to kick back and throw on a little t.v. One night we flipped through and caught a couple episodes of an amazing show, How to Make it in America. The show is based around two main characters, Ben (Bryan Greenberg) and Cam (Victor Rasuk). Living in New york with little cash in their accounts and not much big time experience, the two best friends decide they want to make a line of jeans and jump into the fashion business. Using their street knowledge, a small amount of an artistic past, and their known connections the two take on the task of reaching their ‘American Dream’. The story takes off from there with ups and downs and sideline stories here and there to keep the comedy and drama rolling.

How to Make it in America has a phenomenal cast under their belt. Along with Bryan and Victor the show plays host to folks like Kid Cudi, Lake Bell, and Eddie Thomas. Since it aired in February of 2010, it has been through two seasons on HBO. Unfortunately about a week and a half ago, the station announced it would not be bringing the show back for another season. With an array of characters that can connect with a mass audience, an amazingly fun and attention grabbing story line and the underlying message from the show give viewers much more than they bargained for. HBO just never promoted it hard enough to get the initial fan base going from the start. To check out more on this inspirational show or leave a comment to try and rescue Season 3 check out this site:

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