IOWA Only: Zombie Burger

As Iowans people always stereotype us as corn loving farmers that may not be the best in the barrel. But damn it, they’re wrong. I mean, yeah, Iowa may have some bad qualities, but those are made up for with a variety of unique and amazing things from Iowa. This new section of the blog will highlight things found in Iowa and only in Iowa, highlighting people, places, and things around the state. Without further introduction, Zombie Burger has risen.
Zombie Burger is located in the heart of downtown Des Moines at 300 E. Grand Ave. As you can guess from the name of the place, their theme is based around that of zombies, bringing a delightful tasting dinner and twisting it with horror. From the first step into the joint, you can see and hear the entire experience. The place is decked out with zombie paintings, fences hanging from above, and planks of wood nailed to the wall to keep zombies out.
It doesn’t stop with just the decor though, with a glance at the menu, the experience continues. With sandwiches such as the Dead Moines (smoked gouda, crispy prosciutto, niman ranch ham, and truffle mayo) to The Boomstick (deep fried chili, american cheese, onion, and pickle) they really know how to reach the taste buds. Besides burgers, Zombie Burger also serves various salads, deep fried hotdogs, soups, and deserts. Now, besides the food, the drinks are to die for as well. With 13 options from their Brain Freeze Shakes you’ll never be thirsty. Did I mention you can spike those? Yeah, you can and let me tell you from personal experience….so worth it!
We all know that food is just one of the deciding factors in your overall experience. So besides having an awesome layout, delicious food, and high quality liquids, the service is top notch. There is plenty of staff to keep the atmosphere pumping and the food rolling out. I personally enjoyed our waitress as she continued to make zombie references and wicked comments, she really added to the experience. It was a great time and I’m positive I’ll be back again and again.
Now, these are only my opinions, you’ll have to check out Zombie Burger for yourself, but I’m sure you wont regret it. To check out more about Zombie Burger visit their site: Hours: Zombie Burger 11am-Midnight daily / Bar 11-2am Daily
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