FINALLY A BIG KID : The Life Story of Jacob Anthony Lorsung

Born on the 14th of December in 1990 to the proud parents, Tony and Nancy, Jacob lives life to the fullest. His perky smile and continuous laugh never leaves for a dull moment, bringing light to almost every situation. Jacob is not an only child tho, he has an older sister and brother, Echo and Alex. With that come nephews and a niece who he adores more than anything. He enjoys Sunday rituals with his Dad and usually ends the nights with family dinners. To Jacob, family and friends are everything.

Other things that mean a lot to Jacob include the Green Bay Packers, Hillary Rickert, Battlefield, School, and so on…

Jacob is a die-hard Packers fan with a slight obsession with Aaron Rodgers and his “Pack Attack”. Jacob most recently became part owners of the Packers when he bought some shares in stock this past week, he we glowing for days, and still is gloating about how he’s part owner. (i don’t wanna tell him thats a scam to get money from their loyal fans, he’ll see it someday) His Sundays are devoted to his family and in turn, the Packers with his pops.

Besides the Packers, Jacob spend time his his lovely counterpart, Hillary Rickert. They enjoy facebook chatting, the Muppets, Austin Powers, hanging out with Hillary’s little sister, and of course hanging out with all their friends. Jacob is also a full time student at the University of Northern Iowa and majoring in Biology so he’s studying quiet a bit.

To find out more about Jacob, check out his facebook, or follow him on twitter @JacobLorsung. We here at Osky would just like to thank Jacob for all his help he’s given us these last couple months and look forward to the future with this bright young man. Happy 21st Birthday Bitch!

Also, shout to Jason Nabholz and his 22nd Birthday today. The formal festival of the year, this Friday, be ready!

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