Born and raised in Michigan but spit out from the confines of a music capital, Nashville, TN, Jesse brings a soft yet rocker feel to the stage when we plays. With a local gathering Jesse decided to record his first album, New Beginnings. The album is filled with personal experiences, relationships and happenings from the world around him, allowing listeners to peak inside the artist himself.

Listeners are allowed to, and often do, get lost within the soft melodies and acoustic harmonies. After the success of his first album, Jesse decided to tackle another record and in 2010 released his second album, Come on Speak Up. This album brings along the same qualities as the first album but brings an even higher quality of songwriting and composition, giving listeners even more than what they bargained for.

Jesse holds a strong stage presence with a relaxing feel. He can be spotted around Nashville, within the Midwest and slowing making his way to the Northwest. He is currently playing shows with his good friends, The Scene Aesthetic. To check out more of Jesse’s work or purchase it visit his site: http://www.jessemorrowmusic.com/#_


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