Every artist/designer needs to start somewhere and that starting point involves influences. Here at OSKY we have a list of influences and inspirational designers we look up too. One of those influences is John Earle, founder of Johnny Cupcakes. From shirts to key chains to ball caps, J. Cupcakes does it all, and does it damn well. Even down to the packaging, the overall business is a work of art.

Johnny began working for himself in 2001, creating pins and buttons for local bands and businesses. On the side he worked at a screen print shop and comic book store to make extra cash. Nicknames flowed into work, including the one and only, Johnny Cupcakes. He took that name and decided to design a shirt for fun. Little did he know, that shirt would be an instant talking point. People loved the shirt so he decided to order some more.

They flew out the day they came of the press. Word of mouth began to spread like wildfire for Johnny. His designs follow the concept of inserting cupcakes into everyday things/logos/ect.. The word of Johnny Cupcakes continued to spread and by 2004 he participated in his first trade show in Vegas. Deals came in for various shops to sell his apparel but Johnny had other plans. In the end he decided to go the solo route and open up his own shops.

The attitude he had is one we agree with here at OSKY, we want people to standout, be different… you can’t have that when your apparel is sold in various stores all over the US. He makes his business personal and is always thinking about his customer’s experience with the brand. From little surprises and hand written notes he includes along with every order to themed releases for his shirts to the design of his amusement-like stores this man is all about giving you a once in a lifetime experience.

He has had a hand in the design of every Johnny Cupcakes store, almost playing the role of Willy Wonka with all the fun ideas he brings to the table.   In 2005 Johnny opened up his first shop and it was off to the races. In 2008 he was even named Young Entrepreneur of the year by BusinessWeek magazine.

Johnnys work can be purchased online, at pop up shops, or one of his 4 shops in the US and Europe! His work continues to aww and amaze his followers and new fans every day. To view or order some of your own apparel check out

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