As a new part of the BigCartel family, myself and Kyle began to scope out the ‘tour’ section of the hosting website. Along the way we came across a ton of up and coming companies including Zurrick. Its a shoe company based in the United States and was started by Michael McCaleb, a quiet guy with an eye for style and, lucky for you, a generous nature.

The shoes range from low cuts to high rise boots and various materials. The style they set out there seems to be done as casual but done with a modern classy feel, the two mesh together pretty well if I do say so myself. Their trademark, a purple sole on every shoe, seems to do the advertising for itself as it catches the eye of passerby’s and than word of mouth.

This little touch has set the company apart from the competition and has placed the company worldwide. What drives this company now is what started it in the beginning: a passion for style, quality, and self-expression.  Zuriick will continue to grow and change. New influences will bring new inspiration and success will always be the byproduct of a purer vision.

Be part of the Zuriick story – every shoe here has one, and it ends on your feet. Or is that where it begins? Follow the link to their site to see more –  Zuriick | ZRK.
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